About Us

“It is Lord’s doing and is marvelous in our eyes”

CSI Christ Church, one of the oldest and historically remarkable parishes in Kollam. The remodelled and renovated church building was re-dedicated in 1979 by Bishop N.D. Ananda Rao Samuel, Moderator, and the church was re­ christened Christ Church.11 A Triple Jubilee commemorative souvenir was released in 1980.

The seal of the church was modified. The words ‘LMS Memorial Church’ was dropped and instead, the words ‘CSI Christ Churchwere put in. Rev. Philip David, Presbyter, was the prime mover of the project for extending and re­ modelling the church as per the architectural and structural design ofThomas David, member of the church. Rev.Philip David’s estimable leadership and selfless toils to fulfil the dream of the people were well recognized and greatly appreciated by the entire parish. The Triple Jubilee Souvenir of 1980 was mainly his handy work. His services to this parish remind one about Prophet Nehemiah’s sense of dedication and labours for re-building the walls ofJerusalem.

Later Decades of the Twentieth Century

Timothy David served as Secretary till his death in 1978. Rev. Philip David served up to 1980. G.P. Daniell succeeded Timothy David as Secretary and served up to 1983.G.P.Daniell was the son of former Secretary J.J. Daniell and was the Manager of Edmonds Hostel Quilon. On the departure of Rev. Philip David to serve the Malayalam congregation at Kuwait, Rev. Isaac S. David was appointed as the Presbyter in 1980, his second term. Unfortunately he died the same year. As requested by the Church Committee, Rev. Thomas David, son of Rev. Isaac S. David, was posted as Presbyter. He served till 1984. 1980 onwards, two places in the Church Committee were reserved for women.