The Rt. Rev. William Paul Vachalan

bishop_1A member of the North Kerala Diocese of the CSI with Basel Mission background Rev. William Paul Vachalan was serving as the Principal of the Kerala United Theological Seminary at Kannanmoola Trivandru.m when he was elevated to the bishopric of the South Kerala Diocese in 1967 to succeed Bishop A.H. Legg. Arenowned Biblical scholar and quite a linguist in Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam, and a Greek-English­ Malayalam lexicographer, he was a teacher par excellence.

Bishop William gave a new face to the South Kerala Diocese by opening several charitable institutions in various parts of the Diocese. He had enough concern for the Northern Area, the underdeveloped region of the Diocese to establish a school for the visually impaired (Light to the Blind) in Varkala and the Balikamandiram and the Balabhavan in Quilon. Bishop William was instrumental in obtaining and celling the aid offered by the Kindemothilfe and the Christ offel Blinden Mission – German Christian Philanthropic organisations towards the care of the visually impaired the hearing impaired, the polio afflicted and the destitutes in this part of the State without prejudice to their religion, caste or class.

Bishop William was a simple and unassuming person, always accessible to all. He was loving and lovable. He always welcomed others with a beaming smile. He always showered paternal love on the children of the charitable homes he founded. Inmatters involving principles, he was stem and faced adversities with courage. He passed away in 1972 in office. His untimely death was a blow to the Diocese and its people.Bishop William is remembered for his saintly disposition. Christ Church gratefully remembers Bishop William and pays its loving homage to this great Good Samaritan.