The Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Amirtham

bishop_1Bishop Samuel Amirtham is a much talented person. He is admired for his dynamism, his novel ideas and modern approach to channelling the Christian ministry for the total good of the people at large. Before his elevation as Bishop, he served as Director of the Programme on Theological Education and as Director of the Ecumenical Institute of the World Council of Churches. Apart from his theological education, he has had science education as well. Honorary doctorate was conferred on him by the Serampore University in 1987.

Rev. Samuel Amirtham succeeded Bishop Jesudasan as Bishop in South Kerala Diocese in 1990.His tenure as the Bishop saw many progressive trends taking shape in the life of the Diocese. He was keen on opening avenues of progress in various fields to many in the Diocese and out side. He had always been considerate to the have-notes and has evolved actions for their relief. There is a touch of modernity in everything he does. His pace is fast, he is sophisticated and he is ahead ofhistimes. He has a clear vision for the church’s ministry in contemporary shifting situations. As Bishop he listened to all, tried to convince the stake holders and took bold decisions. His actions are transparent and he takes the people into his confidence. He is a theological scholar, a serious writer and speaker. He retired from the bishopric of the Diocese in 1997. This parish has a true friend and guide in Bishop Samuel Amirtham. May the Lord bless this great shepherd.