The Most Rev. Dr. John Wilson Gladstone

bishop_1Rev. J.W.Gladstone was familiar to the eople of the Diocese much before be ecame the Bishop in 1997, succeeding Bishop Samuel Amirtham. He started the ministry as the Diocesan Youth Worker. From that position he was swept into positions like Vice Chairman of the Diocese, Principal of the Kerala United Theological Seminary at Kannanmoola, Treasurer of the Diocese, Bishop of South Kerala Diocese, Vice Chancellor of the Serampore University (Senate of Serampore), member of the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches, member of the Ecumenical Council of the Anglican Communion, member of the Anglican Consultative Council and the Moderator of the Church of South India. Bishop Gladstone has tremendous capacity for work – be it administrative, academic, financial, organisational and institutional. He takes them all in his stride, takes his multifarious responsibilities simultaneously, and reaches the set goals with ease. He gained his doctorate in church history from Hamburg University, Germany. His imagination and will-power are reflected in the founding of Dr. T.H.Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College at Karakk:onam. In 2009, honorary doctorate was confirmed on him by the Christ Church University, United Kingdom, in recognition of his contributions to education. Bishop Gladstone’s first assignment in ministry immediately after he was appointed as the Diocesan Youth Worker was to visit this church to organise the youth of the parish. As such this church has a historic involvement in Bishop Gladstone’s life as a minister. This church invokes all divine blessings on Bishop Gladstone for his future life and ministry. The church expresses its gratitude to Bishop Gladstone for his patronage for the centenary celebrations.