There can be no two opinions as to the sanctity and greatness of music. From Biblical times to the present day, music has been given its pride of place in religion as well as in other spheres of human life.

Today, the wings of change have swept devotional music as it has swept other walks of life. New hymns often bearing the stamp of folk and pop music, both English and vernacular, are the order of the day. In cathedrals and village churches, young voices sing in praise of the Lord in anew blend. Rock, Jazz, Folk and Calipso have entered the corridors of the church. Piano, Banjo, Clarinet, Guitar and percussion and electronic instruments challenge the old time organ. Our close association with the St. John’s Choir and C.M.C. College Choir, Vellore and with their Directors Dr.Carman and Dr. Punnose Mathew keeps our standard in tune with the modern trend which has changed the traditional style. Modem collections like ‘Hymns Hot and Carols Cool’,’More, More,More’ ‘Songs for Easter People’, and ‘Break not the Circle’ written by the contemporary poets and composers – Avery, Marsh, Fred Kaan and Doreen Potter, have become the current favourites.

In1984,a new electronic organ (Orla) was donated to the church by Mr. GeorgeS. Enoch, a member of the church. Itis still in use. Mr. V. Stephen continued for some more years asthe organist. Inaround 1985,he left for Vellore for employment, and the assistant organist Mr. K. George Philip succeeded him. Isaac Justus led the choir ti111994, when he relinquished his position as the choir master owing to illhealth. The styles of the songs and of the singing adopted by him prevailed during his time. Malayalam Carols composed by M/s. Albert Vijayan, Johnson, W.J. Thompson, J. A. Thompson, Rajan David Thompson, Mary Vijayan Dr. Sreelatha and others were sung atthe Christmas Carol Services.

Mr. Rajan David Thompson took over as the Choir Master in 1994 in the place of Isaac Justus. Mr. K. Justus Philip continued as the Choir Secretary upto 2000. Mr. John George has been the Choir Secretary since 2000. Thejunior choir for the carol services is led by Mr. W.J. Thompson. The choir under Mr. Rajan David Thompson took to a different style and the carol services were invariably crowned with portions of M/s. W.J. Thompson, J.A. Thompson, RajanDavid Thompson, K.George Philip &PrinceAlex Solomon are the composers whose Malayalam carols were sung at the carol services in the period. The instrumentalists in this later period are M/s. Jerry K. J. Thomas, Subin Gabriel Thompson, Jenso Samuel Thomas and Anish Thompson. The choir leads the singing during worships and on other occasions. The strength of the choir has come down recently owing to the migration of youngsters to other cities for studies and employment.