Charitable Society

1.The CSI Christ Church Charitable Society was founded in 1986 as an auxiliary organisation of the parish for charity work. There are, at present, four units under the charitable society. These are:
1. CSI Christ Church Mission Hospital
2. CSI Convention Centre (Parish Hall)
3. CravenBabyland
4. Care and Counselling Unit
5. Charitable Society Building at Kadappakkada, Kollam
The Charitable Society is administered by the President (Presbyter), Secretary and Accountant who are responsible to a Governing Board (Members of Church Committee) which in turn is responsible to the General Body (of the parish). There are administrative Sub-committees to help in specific matters.

2. Charitable Society Building at Kadappakkada
A commercial building at the Kadappakkada compound was put up by the church in 1986 to raise funds for its charity work. Funds for the construction were raised through Christmas Festival Sales, donations etc. The old Sexton’s quarters and a small commercial building that existed at the site had to the demolished to make way for the new building. The building with six spacious shop rooms in the ground floor was dedicated by the then CSI Moderator, Bishop Jesudasan. The ground floor of the building is dedicated to the memory of Justus Enoch, as an old small building that had existed atthe site was his memorial. The first floor was constructed in 2003. The proceeds from the building are utilized for charity work like giving assistance to the deserving for medical treatment, for housing, for marriage and education.
Finny V. Philip

3.Craven Babyland
In the Craven LMS High School, the classes are from Standard V to Standard X. One division in each Standard is an English medium division. As there were no feeder English medium primary schools in the vicinity, it was found difficult to retain the English medium divisions in the Craven High School.
To find a solution to this problem, the School Improvement Committee headed by its Convener, Mr. John Thomas, the Church Secretary, the Presbyter of CSI Christ Church, Rev. K.G. Varghese, the Church Committee, the then Headmaster of Craven High School, Mr.Thomas Daniel, got together and decided to start a Day Care Centre and an English Medium Pre-Primary School under the auspices of the church in the Craven High School premises utilising the spare class rooms of the school.Quite a large amount of money had to be spent and a lot of effort was needed to renovate the old class rooms to accommodate the Day Care Centre and the Pre-Primary Classes. It was Mr. John Thomas who took the leadership in this venture. The Women’s Fellowship of the church raised a good amount for this purpose. The school was established in 1996 and was christened ‘Craven Babyland’. The day-to-day affairs of the Babyland is being looked after by an Administrative Sub­ committee with the Presbyter of the church as the Chairman, and the Church Secretary, Secretary of the parish Women’s Fellowship, Headmaster of the Craven High School, President of the Parents and Teachers Association of the High School and the Principal of the Babyland asmembers.
Saramma Thompson,