Chattisgarh Mission

About 200 years ago, a few young men in their twenties with their families came to Quilon from England leaving the comforts of their homes and the security of their society and country, travelling thousands of miles by sea.They fought against odds during the 5Y2 month-long sea journey and sacrificed their lives and the lives of the members of their families here on the soil of this town, proclaiming the life-giving gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of this district inthe midst ofhostile situations and sickness to redeem them from poverty, ignorance and sin. They were the missionaries of the London Missionary Society.

The gospel has transformed the lives of millions of people all around the world. Yet there are millions left who have not known Christ and have not allowance is given to some others. experienced His love. The hospital is administered by the Governing The church and its members have been Board of the Charitable Society, assisted by an supporting missionaries and their work in the mission Executive Committee. The Governing Board fields of the CSI inPapua in Indonesia during 1950s and in Ettoor Nagaram mission field in Andhra Pradesh of the South Kerala Diocese from 1970s. In 2007, the church felt that what it had done in the past and what it was doing for mission extension was not good enough, and decided to attempt to do what the church is commissioned to do, that is, to proclaim the gospel to the world and to make people His disciples.

As the first step in that direction, the church decided to adopt a mission field under the Jubilee Mission of the South Kerala Diocese at Pattewa in Chattisgarh State. On 1•of April 2007, three persons sponsored by the church and a family to serve at Pattewa, namely Mrs. Janet Bai, Mr.Narotham Bhagh and Mr. Sunil Kwnar Bhagh were commissioned as missionaries by Bishop Glastone at the church. The Charitable Society and CSI Convention Centre supported one missionary each out of their income, and Benjamin George family in Oman supported one missionary. The mission station at Pattewa started fiinctioningsoonafte
The church and its members supplied a few solar lamps and a bicycle to the missionaries for their use and woollen clothes for the school children at Barnavapara. Christmas gifts were also sent to the missionaries. The CSI Youth Movement, Sharjah donated a motor bike for the missionaries through the good offices of Mr. Rajeev M. Abraham (at Sharjah), a church member.Mr.Fredy George and family, and Mr. Abraham Varghese and family volunteered to support one missionary each. The missionaries are Mrs. Sangeetha and Mr. Regil Babu. Now there are five missionaries, three of them natives, working in the mission field supported by this church and its member families.
Now the missionaries work in Pattewa, Khatta, Pyaridadar and Bernavapara in Mahasamud district. A nursery school was established at Bernavapara in 2007 itself, where 82 children attend classes. The school shed which was destroyed in a gale was repaired. Help was given to buy books for the children at the schools. In2008 the church purchased 15 cents of land at Pyaridadar and a church building was put up there in 2009 by Mr. K.J.Thomas and his family, members of the church. The church is christened ‘Rev.J.C. Thompson Memorial Church’ in commemoration of the missionary who planted this church in 1837. A school with 25 children was established in Khatta in 2009. The local panchayat, in recognition of the services of the missionaries, donated 20 cents of land to the mission for constructing a school building in it. The school building was put up on this land expending about one lakh rupees donated by the church members. The school is christened ‘CSI Christ Church Centenary Commemorative School’.Itwas opened in 2009.
The needs of the mission field are many and pressing.A mission head- quarter hasto be established at Pattewa with a church,a school,a clinic, missionary quarters etc.Aboys’ hostel at Bemavapara was another need. The CEYF of the church has put up a hostel for boys at Bernavapara in memory of the late Josy George Thomas, an active member of the organisation and a musician who passed away recently at the prime ofhis youth .The church members sponsor noon meals to poor children atthe Bernavapara School.
The mission fields situated in forest areas are socially, economically, educationally and culturally backward. These areas are neglected by the governments and panchayats. Though the missionaries face great difficulties, personal problems and opposition from evil forces, they share the lifegiving gospel with the people . As a result of the work of the missionaries , several families have tasted the love of Christ and they have known the living God. Regular Sunday worship and prayer meetings are being held. God will nurture the mission and raise reapers for the harvest. Two teams from the church visited the mission field in 2009 and one team in 2010 to assess the needs and the possibilities. In Pattewa, a plot of land, 1 Acre and 30 Cents in extend was donated by a family in the church in 2010. Sri. Rajan Samuel, member of the church has volunteered to erect the missionary quarters inPattewa. Stepping on to the mission field in Chattisgarh was a small step for our first missionary, but a giant leap for this church.
Varkey Jacob
Mission Coordinator