Welfare Ministry


The CSI Christ Church Mission Hospital is a life-oriented, need-based missionary endeavour of the CSI Christ Church, Kallam. The hospital is a unit of the church’s auxiliary for charitable work, namely the CSI Christ Church Charitable Society. The founding of the hospital was an act of obedience on the part of the parish, though in a very humble way, to the Lord’s call to tend the sick and the suffering, thereby to serve Him, as inspired by Rev. J.D.Solomon, the then Presbyter. The hospital was dedicated and opened in October 1986 by the Most Rev. Dr.I. Jesudasan, the then Moderator of the Church of South India. Dr. George Jacob, the then Director of the Council for Healing Ministry of the Church of South India was of great help to this hospital at its inception. Through his good offices, an ambulance van was donated to the hospital by the Council for Healing Ministry. The uniqueness of this hospital is that this was the first and the only hospital run by any parish of the Church of South India atthat time.
The hospital is subsidised by the Charitable Society as expenditure exceeds income very often, because of the low fees charged to benefit the poor. The hospital is beneficial mainly to those members of the society who arebelow the poverty line.
The hospital has been faring only at break­ even level, owing to lack of facilities which in turn is due to the lack of capital and space. The hospital is housed in the old mission bungalow rented out by the South Kerala Diocese. To make the building, which was in a dilapidated condition, fit for occupation and to provide bare minimum facilities, a good amount of money was spent by the parish and its members. With thirteen beds, the hospital is giving treatment for out­ patients and in-patients. Only medical cases are attended to, owing to dearth in space and other facilities.Many of the patients are treated free.Charity comprises of the members of the Church Committee of the parish. The Patron of the hospital is the Diocesan Bishop. The President of the Governing Board and the Executive Committee is the Presbyter of the parish. The Honorary Director, the Honorary Administrator and the Medical Superintendent look after the day-to­ day affairs of the hospital. The staff consists of a doctor, a few nurses, a cleaner and a security man.
Dr. John Zachariah David has been the Honorary Director of the hospital since its inception in 1986.The first Medical Superintendent of the hospital was Dr. Miriam Thomas and the first Honorary Administrator was Mr.G.D.Edward. The present Honorary Administrator is Rev.Thomas Cheriyan and the present Medical Superintendent is Dr. Sarasu Philip. There are grave threats against the very survival of this tiny hospital owing to unreasonable and unrealistic regulations imposed by government departments.
Finny V. Philip,