CSI Christ Church Kollam

The CSI Christ Church Kollam has its roots in the erstwhile London Missionary Society. This missionary society like other great religious and philanthropic organisations which sprang into existence at the close of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries was the result of the evangelistic revival in England led by George Whitefield, John Wesley and his brother Charles Wesley. The hymns of Charles Wesley expressed in words the new religious passion of the awakened Christendom. Christianity took root in all five continents as a result of this great religious awakening. Never before had any religion been planted over so large an area of the earths surface. The first missionary send by the LMS to India was Rev. Nathaniel Forsyth who started missionary work in Chinsura near Calcutta in 1798. William Tobias Ringeltaube, a German Lutheran by birth and a missionary of the LMS arrived in South Travancore in 1806 and commenced work. In Quilon the work was started in 1821 by Rev. John Smith, missionary. In 1826 the first protestant place of worship in Quilon was established by Rev. William Crowe, the second missionary and worship begun. In 1832 the first mission station was abandoned on health reasons and a new mission station, the present one, established. By that time 8 schools and a seminary were established. A printing press was established in 1835 and a girls boarding home in 1847.

This church was planted on Sunday 3rd September 1837 by Rev. J. C. Thompson, the 3rd missionary of the London Missionary Society in Quilon by baptizing 6 persons. After 23 years of solitary, agonising and faithful labour Rev. J.C. Thompson died in Quilon in 1850 at the premature age of 46 years.

Now this church has grown into a full-fledged parish with 330 families witnessing the Lord in manifold ways as part of its mission and striving to grow into a missionary church. The parish will be completing 173 years in 2010.

Our Church Edifice

The church building was dedicated and opened for worship on Sunday 13th September 1910. A memorial to the missionaries who laboured in Quilon district, the church was built mainly through the efforts of Rev. W. J. Edmonds, missionary. The building was enlarged, remodelled and renovated in 1979 in commemoration of the Triple Jubilee of the establishment of the first protestant place of worship in Quilon. The church building will be completing 100 years in 2010.

About CSI South Kerala Diocese
The London Missionary Society (L.M.S) now the Council for World Mission, commenced its work in South Travancore in1806. Vedamanickam Maharasan Desikar was the first Christian who invited William Tobias Ringeltauble the first Missionary to come in Travancore. He crossed into Aruvamozhi on April 25th 1806.The South India United Church (S.I.U.C) was formed on 25th July 1907 with nine member church denominations of which the South Travancore L.M.S Church was one. The South Travancore Church Council was constituted in 1921 with the Tamil and Malayalam churches put together. The Church of South India (C.S.I) was inaugurated on 27-09-1947 and the member churches adopted episcopacy as part of the church order. The Rt.Rev.A.H.Legg, was consecrated on 27-09-1947 and installed as the first Bishop of the South Travancore Diocese on 13-10-1947.The South Travancore Diocese was bifurcated into the Kanyakumari Diocese and the South Kerala Diocese in 1959 and the Rt.Rev.A.H.Legg continued to be the first Bishop of the South Kerala Diocese till be returned to England in 1965. The Rt. Rev.William PaulVachalan was consecrated and installed in the South Kerala Diocese on 2-7-1967. He passed away o 5-11-1972 while in service. The Rt.Rev.Isaiah Jesudason,  was consecrated and installed in the South Kerala Diocese in 5th August 9973. He was Deputy Moderator of the Church of South India from 1980-81 and Moderator from 1982-1987. He served as a Central Committee member of the W..C.C Hon.Doctorate of Divinity was conferred upon him in 1988. He retired from active service on 14th February 1990 on completion of 65 years of age.The Rt.Rev.Dr.Samuel Amirtham was consecrated and installed as Bishop of the Diocese on 20-05-1990. He was director of the Programme on Theological Education and Director of the Ecumenical Institute, Bossey of the WCC 1980-1990. Serampore University conferred on him a honorary doctorate in 1987. He retired from active service on 19the August 1997. Most.Rev.Dr.J.W.Gladstone, was consecrated and installed as Bishop on 16-9-1997. He was the principal of KUT seminary, Trivandrum and the president of the Senate of Serapore, Culcutta. He is selected as the Moderator of the C.S.I. Synod in 2008. He retired from active service on 25th December 2010 on completion of 65 years of age. The Rt.Rev. A.Dharmaraj Rasalam was consecrated  and installed as Bishop on 23.7.2011.

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